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2.Sweet Monster
4.Playing with Fire 3
6.Obey The Game
7.Hippie Puzzle
8.Scratch Bounty Hunter
9.The Forest Temple
10.Tank in Action

Today's Top 10
1.Playing with Fire 2
2.Playing with Fire 3
3.Puppy Racing
4.McDonald's Game
5.Dad 'n' Me
6.Strikers 1945
7.Dirt Bike
8.Nev's Jam Buster
9.Heat Rush
10.Scratch Bounty Hunter

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Action Games

Playing with Fire 3
Playing with Fire 3 Playing with Fire is back with added multiplayer mayhem.
Tank in Action
Tank in Action The first game that combines typical racing and physics with a tank in action.

Playing with Fire 2
Playing with Fire 2 It's back! The most addictive online game ever. There are loads of amazing new features and 4 new levels!
Dad 'n' Me
Dad Father and son spend a wonderful day together, out and about. Father watches as his son beats up all the other kids!
Heat Rush
Heat Rush Race across the country in this awesome 3D racing game!
Monster Kartz
Monster Kartz Drive to qualify for the upcoming big go-kart championship.
Haunted House
Haunted House You are trapped inside a haunted house, use your intellect to find your way out. Watch out for those ghosts and ghouls!
Aqua Slug
Aqua Slug Help Polo get back his favourite football by squirting the enemies with a variety of squirt guns.

A Crow in Hell 3
A Crow in Hell 3 The Crow is back in hell trying to make his way out, but this time he's more cunning.
Absolute Madness
Absolute Madness There is no meaning. Only Madness. Fight your way through waves of enemies, zombies, and bosses.
Alien Discipline
Alien Discipline You have been hired as a Professional Space Nanny by the Galactic Alien Government, your job is to discipline the toughest aliens in the universe.
Ascent Slay US Sabre jets as Ivan the Terrible from Jed Mercurio's book Ascent.
Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies
Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies It's Halloween and the fancy dress party has finished but there are still ghosts in the house, what's going on? You had better investigate!
Avatar Arena
Avatar Arena Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders
Bat Outta Hell!
Bat Outta Hell! Take control of a demon vampire bat from hell in this ghoulish game! Suck blood to survive and grow bigger and bigger!
Batman vs Mr Freeze
Batman vs Mr Freeze Help batman stop the diabolical villain Mr Freeze with his batarang!
Black 2
Black 2 Top view stickman action game with 11 weapons, 22 action filled levels and slow motion, kill the baddies you know what to do!
Box Head
Box Head Evacuate as many civilians as possible within the specified time limit, while avoiding the dangerous zombies.
Brainbots Brainbots is a very unique platformer. You are a medicare nanobot with a mission to free the subject's mind from the aliens.
Buggy Run III
Buggy Run III Buggy Run 3 - The latest in the Buggy Run series is better than ever!
Castle Cat
Castle Cat Get castle cat around the castle by jumping around and avoiding the enemies, all to the sounds of the Ghostbuster theme tune!
Castle Cat 3
Castle Cat 3 Castle cat wants to get to Las Vegas, do so by jumping on cactuses! Don't let the poor cat down...
Chaos Faction
Chaos Faction An excellent fighting game where you can choose from 18 characters and fight through 15 levels with 29 different weapons.
Chick Flick
Chick Flick Cutesy game from Nitrome. Use the trampoline to bounce the chicks into the safety of their nest.
Climate Chaos
Climate Chaos Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos is a stunning 3D adventure game. Travel around various islands trying to gather as many photos as you can.
Collateral Damages
Collateral Damages Get into Robot gear and go about damaging your town in this awesome rampaging robotic shooter. You only have so much energy, so keep an eye on it.
Cosmic Crush
Cosmic Crush Move your planet through space, growing your rock by hitting smaller planets. Avoid the bigger planets!
Crazy Mammoths
Crazy Mammoths Join a competition where frozen mammoths race to be the first to reach the finish line!
Creepy Rider
Creepy Rider Using the Arrow Keys navigate our creepy rider over to the other side of the rocks!
Crusader Tank
Crusader Tank Reach the end of the level with your crusader tank in one piece. Destroy as many enemy units and structures as you can.
Dare Devil
Dare Devil Dare Devil - Motorbike stunts game
Demolition City
Demolition City Destroy each building and tower with your dynamite. Earn money and beat all 20 levels!
Diesel and Death
Diesel and Death Diesel and Death Motorbike Racing Game
Dinner Danger
Dinner Danger Mr X is on a mission to grab all the ingredients for dinner. Choose your vehicle carefully and make sure this meal isn't his last.
EB2 Control a giant robot on the rampage. Smashing fun!
Electricman 2HS
Electricman 2HS Knock out all your opponents before they do it to you. Use your electricman "bullet time" moves and destroy your enemies stylishly.
Firework Battle
Firework Battle Help Tommy launch fireworks at the pesky kids across the street!
Fishy Eat smaller fish. Avoid bigger fish. Become a big fish, then eat all the fish! Addictive and simple.
Five 'Til
Five Disarm a bioterrorist device in a heavily guarded building by completing different tasks in 30 seconds or less.
Flight of the Hamsters
Flight of the Hamsters Powering the Kids Next Door Treehouse is hard work! Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the new extreme sport of hamster lauching!
Forever Samurai
Forever Samurai A timeless samurai struggles to survive in an age of robotic demons.
Freerun Don't stop running! You'll need quick reflexes to make your way through town.
Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter Your goal in this little gravity-lander game is to pick up guys from skyscrapers and fly back to the base without bouncing against the buildings.
Ghoul Racers
Ghoul Racers Get into the Halloween spirit with out brand-new racing game!
Gogo Happy and Smile
Gogo Happy and Smile Play as the cat or the rabbit and take those nast bandits that are causing massive destruction on the streets!
Heavy Metal Rider
Heavy Metal Rider Race this hot chick on her chopper motor bike through various stages in this high action road racer.
Helicopter Delay the inevitable and keep the helicopter in one piece for as long as possible.
Hot Air
Hot Air Guide your Hot Air balloon through this maze of enticing levels. You'll be encapsulated for hours.
Hoverbot 2
Hoverbot 2 Help hoverbot esacpe the factory carefully picking your way through obstacles and collecting the volts.
Hulk Smash Up
Hulk Smash Up Take control of the Hulk as you smash up your surroundings to cause maximum damage
Iron Maiden Flight 666
Iron Maiden Flight 666 Fly Iron Maiden's plane around the world and turn the locals into rockers!
JetSpeed Weave your jet between the traffic to reach giant fuel tankers. Which you then fire rockets at, obviously!
Line Runner
Line Runner Create a line for Line Runner to speed across, pick up the rings, lollies, and pizza while avoiding mines.
Matrix Rampage
Matrix Rampage Survive the onslaught of dangerous agents. Use guns and swords, slam through floors and walls, throw office furniture.
Miami Shark
Miami Shark Take a wild ride through the action packed daily routine of a Miami Shark.
Millie Megavolte 3
Millie Megavolte 3 Millie has been captured by the demon lord Ulzar! It's up to her friend, Killer Kilzek, to save her now.
Ninja Rinseout
Ninja Rinseout Kick the heck out of a load of ninjas.
Onslaught Thousands of enemy troopers, tanks and aircraft all up against you, can you handle it alone?
PacXon Pacman is back and this time it's a little bit different!
Pico's Infantry Covert Operatives
Pico Select a team and destroy the opponents using a selection of heavy weaponry and supperior tactical manoeuvres.
Power Splash
Power Splash Power Splash - Amazing Action game.
Rage2 Warning: Violent Game. Vent all your anger with your moves and weapons to finish off the endless stickmen
Rails of War
Rails of War Buy trains and weapons. Deliver passengers to checkpoints, destroy enemies, and repair your trains.
Revenge Rider
Revenge Rider When you have nothing left to live for but revenge, you are bound by no rules.
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous One of the greatest platform games of all time. Rick Dangerous is here and free to play!
Run Horace Run
Run Horace Run The ranger is trying to shoot Horace with his tranquilizer gun. Run Horace Run!
Santa Farty Pants
Santa Farty Pants Santa's sleigh has crashed and he's only just started making his rounds. How on Earth will he be finished by morning?
Sheeps of Rage
Sheeps of Rage It's you against hordes of zombie sheep - use your kung fu moves, shearing tongs and a mint sauce gun!
Sift Heads 5
Sift Heads 5 Contract killer Vinnie's back and has a lot of work to do.
Siftheads 2
Siftheads 2 You are a contract killer in this stylish stickman gangster game. Are you dangerous enough?
Snowball Avalanche
Snowball Avalanche Roll your snowball down the hill and get it as big as you can!
Spin Doctor
Spin Doctor Be a spin doctor! Spin up the discs to get them going, matching up colors to clear the screen.
Stealth Hunter
Stealth Hunter Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, do what you need to do to survive!
String Avoider
String Avoider This free web game will drive you mad. Slide your piece of string seemlessly through the maze of levels.
Stunt Rider
Stunt Rider Stunt Rider Game is the ultimate cross between Bike Mania Games and all those super stunt games.
Submarine Use your cool jet propelled submarine to search the tropical island for treasure!
Super Doggy
Super Doggy Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil Lord Claw.
Super Pang
Super Pang Another remake of the classic Pang. Fast moving action gameplay!
Swoopa Guide the seal around underwater to collect all the fish before the time runs out.
Tangerine Panic
Tangerine Panic Do you realise how many tangerines there are in the world? What would you do if they all came at you at once?
Taz's Tropical Havoc Twister Island
Taz Platformer from Warner Brothers featuring Tazmanian Devil. Spin Taz through all the statues!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Your favorite Ninja Turtles are back to take on Shredder.
Test that Kill
Test that Kill Fight your way through some of the freakiest monters I have seen, with only a sword as your weapon!
The Fancy Pants Adventure
The Fancy Pants Adventure Control Fancy Pants fighting crazy spiders and more across three huge levels in this excellent stylised graphics platform game.
The Incredibles - Thin Ice
The Incredibles - Thin Ice Help the superhero Frozone to gather all the logotipos that are on top of roofs buildings to get maximum points
The Mosquito Project
The Mosquito Project Suck the blood from people in this gruesome but great free online game.
Tornado Button Smash
Tornado Button Smash Get your tornado as big as you can and smash everything in sight. Who hasnt ever wanted to be a tornado?
Unreal Flash 2007
Unreal Flash 2007 Unreal Flash 2007 has 10 explosive new weapons, 50 characters, 8 maps and 7 great unique game modes.
Velocity Race the tracks in this high speed futuristic Flash game, avoid the missles and beat your opponents.
Wild Kite
Wild Kite The wind has risen over Itland... A day to make the Gulls fly!
Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer Get the Hillbillie to slay those Zombies. Use a variety of weapons to keep him alive!

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